The TechTown Business Incubator Center (TBIC) offers an intensive business support program that accelerates the successful development of Greater Detroit-based technology-focused startups/early-stage companies by providing an array of resources and services. The TBIC supports companies working in most industries, including, but not limited to: advanced manufacturing, information technology, automotive, clean-tech, agriculture, medical, transportation, and consumer products. 

Application Criteria

To be considered for acceptance into the TBIC, an applicant business must be legally registered with the State of Michigan and should meet at least one of the following criteria: 

  • A tech-based startup focused on commercial application that has been in operation for less than three years.
  • A tech-based company that has undergone substantial change in ownership or business model within one year of application date.
  • A home-based, tech-based business that is ready to transition to a professional environment

Admittance Process 

The process for becoming a TBIC client is as follows:

  1. Complete this application.
  2. Meet with the TechTown LABS team to assess your incubation and business support needs TechTown 
  3. If the TechTown LABS teams decides to admit you to the program, an Incubator Client Services Agreement is issued and signed. Note that admission to the program is conditional.
  4. You are expected to exit the TBIC within 39 months of your admission into the program.